Beast wraps 24" Black/Gray

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  • 24" LENGTH FOR BETTER SUPPORT – Unlike most cheap wrist wraps, our BEAST WRIST WRAPS 24” length wraps are made with top quality material, also no stubborn thumb loop. Longer wrist wrap = More stability = More reps!

  • NO MORE THUMB LOOP - We Upgrade to a full Beast loop system to make wrapping your wrist more effected and more secure.

  • SUPREME DUTY WRIST SUPPORT - More support equals more lifts and results! Train safer and more effectively so you can get those gains. The more you can protect the tendon and muscles in your forearms and grip, the more weight you will be able to safely move.

  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE - HEAVY DUTY - These adjustable Beast Wrist Wraps are designed to stand up to the toughest workouts. These wrist wraps are made with the premium durable material. They have been tested under the toughest conditions and they are bound to withstand any fitness regimen.

  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL (BOTH MEN AND WOMEN) - Our Beast Wrist Wraps are fully adjustable and provide high levels of tightness, quality and support. Perfect for Gym, home, Crossfit Training, Weight Lifting, Powerlifting, Heavy Fitness Workouts etc.

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