Beast Grips Fig 8’s

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    • BEAST FIGURE 8's LIFTING STRAPS FOR WEIGHT LIFTING - Make transitions at the gym quickly and efficiently with the BEAST FIGURE 8's! Don't fumble around at the gym with old style weightlifting straps. These deadlift straps saves you time and keeps you focused!


    • WEIGHT LIFTING FOR MEN & WOMEN - Perfect for both men and women who are looking for comfort and support while maximizing time and personal records!


    • IDEAL WEIGHT LIFTING WRIST STRAPS, DEADLIFTING STRAPS, POWERLIFTING STRAPS that are perfect for any pulling motion exercises like dumbbell rows, barbell rows, shrugs, deadlifts. Avoid strain and injury while maintaining form and taking strain off your grip.


    • EASY TO USE - BEAST FIGURE 8's can be placed directly into your sports bag without taking up too much space. Suitable for training while traveling, home, gym, park, etc, allowing you can make muscle activities in any place.


    • SUPREME DUTY - More support equals more lifts and results! Train safer and more effectively so you can get those gains.


    • PROFESSIONAL GRADE - HEAVY DUTY - These BEAST FIGURE 8's are designed to stand up to the toughest workouts. These figure 8's are made with the premium durable material. They have been tested under the toughest conditions and they are bound to withstand any fitness regimen.